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Brit teens left for dead on snake-infested island after being ripped off by Thai conmen


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On 3/19/2019 at 12:54 AM, Nyezhov said:

There we were dropped off on this horrid island, 17 of us, young, nubile and in the bloom of life, the warm tropical sun heating our slim, firm tanned legal teenage bodies, the sweat rivuleting down our smooth brown flesh barely contained in our tiny bikinis, Marcia joked that the island was great except we needed a Man, as we walked along the beach giggling, hugging, playing kissing and splashing like a herd of young does we spied a figure coming towards us, Marcia moaned look its a bloke and what a bloke he was, tall, long blonde hair flipping with insolent sexuality as he strode towards us, muscles rippling, the tiniest of thong bathing suits barely concealing that which all of us were wanting, I heard gasps of wonder from my friends as they imagined the secret within, he smiled and said Hey Dudes, I felt a tingling, a warm, moist sensation that I had only felt when riding Steeplechase, he got closer to me and said, Well dudes, My name is Yezhov, there are 17 of you and one of me, that should work........

Gets my vote for post of the month 😀

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