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BANGKOK 21 April 2019 15:54

Billionaire-turned-politician Thanathorn to put assets into blind trust

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20 minutes ago, perthuniversity said:

totally agree



26 minutes ago, nev said:

Good on him!, Looks like he wants to enter politics to do good and help the people and not to get rich.

  A billionaire is not rich?


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22 minutes ago, robblok said:

I must say this is the FIRST time that i have seen a politician chain himself down to regulation that are not mandatory and doing more than the rest. I applaud him,

You are convinced he is of good intent simply on account of his announcement and a couple photos in the media? 

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Posted (edited)
5 minutes ago, robblok said:

I find putting your money in a blind trust a huge step. Unless you can prove this is a sham then he has already shown far more then all the others. For that he deserves praise. I praise those who deserve praise and pull down that need to be pulled down. So far this guy done it all right. So he looks best. We will see later but I am just not like you pulling a man down without proof especially if he is already doing more than the rest.

I cannot agree. It is not for me (or anyone else) to prove it is a sham. It is his duty to prove it is not, especially when considering how thoroughly corrupt this country is. 


Now, he doesn't have to prove it to me, of course, as I am (so very luckily) not Thai. But, I think it's wiser for us educated foreigners to NOT give any Thais the benefit of the doubt until they have sufficiently proved themselves worthy. 


And, saying the right things is NOT worthy, especially as Thais excel at saying things and then doing entirely different things. 

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