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BANGKOK 21 May 2019 01:36

Money transfer services for USA travelers

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4 hours ago, Barley said:

receiving the money immediately

I reckon, for most of us, this is the main advantage, but saving 1% is nice too, especially with the Baht so strong these days.

Thank you for reporting back on your experience @Barley, a lot of people still assume that the more complicated methods must result in a better rate, reports like your open eyes.

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Lots of TV posts are disappearing these days.  And no notice given and no history. If someone is 'in charge' perhaps an explanation. 

I don't expect one.

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I used Transferwise last month to start showing international transfers to my BK bank account and was satisfied with the fees & process. It took 5 days but it was the first transaction and my US bank is a smaller company.


  Today, I have 2 $45 transactions from Amazon.com showing POS. I don't use Amazon, and Transferwise is the only Online transaction I've made in over 6 months. Anyone else notice any unauthorized transaction? I don't want to cancel my Debit card, but I may have to.

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If you have an Amazon account, check your order history and immediately notify Amazon.

My Amazon account was erroneously put on high alert because Amazon expected fraud - though it WAS me who really used it - and automatically refunded me the last 3 transactions to my debit card.

This is an advantage of most of the fintech debit cards vs most banks, that you can switch on or off your debit card giving you an extra tool to avoid fraud.

It is very inconvenient and sometimes expensive if your bank deactivates your card and a new one must be issued!

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On ‎3‎/‎20‎/‎2019 at 2:40 AM, ShortTimed said:


But was the exchange rate competitive?


I have found that $0 cost promises are many times re-recouped by other means.



I see other posters have described this was some introductory benefit.

I belatedly see some are doubting, questioning my post about my 12k transfer costing $0.

To set everyone straight it was not an introductory deal (I've made many prior exact transfers for $0). I got a great rate 31.62/$ as well when the dollar at the time had just got up to 31.65.

My US bank checking acct offers transfers at no charge, depending on the type of acct. you have you may incur a charge. Looks like Bangkok bank got about 3 satangs (360 baht) on their end so I guess you could say it wasn't totally free but I can't control my Thai bank's charges. I know I was lucky this time on my timing, it's not usually too much of a rate difference but it's always been 6 or fewer satangs charge on the exchange rate. 

Yes, gentlemen, research, planning, luck are involved but like most things in life it all comes down to timing. Being in the right place and doing at the right time can be the difference in either a great or a terrible deal.


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