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BANGKOK 27 May 2019 00:23

Children urged to read during school holidays

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14 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Don't think I've ever seen a Thai reading a novel.

I've seen it happen a couple of times. Women reading soft core porn harlequin type of trash. 

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5 hours ago, Fex Bluse said:

While kids don't read like we used to as kids, they are far, far more educated than we were on average. They know much more about the world than we did. 


That said, lack of reading high quality literature does mean they are missing much of their culture, important lessons from history and some of life's colour.

The problem is the "high quality", especially when it comes to history. Too much embedded propaganda. Took me years to realize the crap they taught us in school was heavily redacted and skewed because of the politics of that time ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finlandization ). Angers me still.


Even with internet it takes days of googling to verify something properly. I certainly can't be arsed, just shoot from the hip and ask questions later.

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14 hours ago, sirocco said:

In addition reading teaches us new words, to build well our sentences, to avoid making spelling errors (at least in his mother tongue) to hold a conversation with anyone, without stammering, etc. .
Long live reading

Congratulations and greatest contrafibulations to you for this post.

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19 hours ago, Benmart said:

This country could benefit from the life's experience of many expats. Sadly, those that are willing to embrace those talented expats and could implement change, are mired in the tarpits of the past, right along side the dinosaurs that run things.

Great image.

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