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BANGKOK 27 May 2019 18:33

Australia cuts annual immigrant cap 15 percent, puts key cities off-limits to some

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1 hour ago, brokenbone said:

get a hint NZ

It wasn't a hint, it was a white, right wing Australian born terrorist.

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1 hour ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Agree. NZ does not have the infrastructure for the amount of immigration, and it should be limited if not stopped altogether till the infrastructure has improved. Not so long ago water restrictions were imposed because too many people have arrived. The housing/ rental prices are appalling now. The traffic is atrocious

At most, workers for the fruit industry allowed only during picking season.

As for the OP, why only 3 years? Should be permanent, unless they become citizens.

The current NZ govt has already put restrictions on immigration. They have also restricted ownership of property for non NZ citizens and permanent residents. 


Where were the water restrictions imposed "because too many people arrived" ? 


The only shortages I was aware of were in Gisborne which was caused by a broken pipe and in Oamaru when a water purifying plant was overwhelmed by a large inflow of water due to heavy rain. Auckland also had a problem in 2017 but again this was because of dirty water from too much rain. 

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An inflammatory post has been removed

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, AJBangkok said:

I would like to know if Australia needs 160,000 more immigrants every year. why? 

For a start 47k are partner visa allocation. Low birth rate, aging population, skills shortages, skilled migration increases government revenues, GDP and so on. Others say stop all migration - take your pick...

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