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BANGKOK 24 May 2019 04:48

Tai Rak Tham party proposes to legalise sex toys

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Focusing on the important stuff.


They don’t have a chance anyway so it’s a waste of time covering it in the news.

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3 hours ago, Justgrazing said:

Blimey just as well my mate Dave didn't know that .. He took a discreet handbag style buzzer over for his bird who recoiled in horror when she first seen it branding it a " danger motor " and refused to even remove it from the packaging .. Dave took it back at the end of the trip .. On his return to T/land a few months later he thought he'd try again but got the same response off his girl .. No way .. So at the end of that trip it had to do a second return trip back to blighty still in its box .. It must have been the most well travelled vibrator around at the time .. But hey could've been worse at least he weren't stop by Customs .. 

haha, I am not surprised at this story as I brought some myself and even just talking about them gets them angry sometimes and you get the "I don't like toys!" or "I don't need toys I only need you!"


they never tried them before, it's illegal and they act like it's the devil (just like the mom in the Waterboy movie, lol)


once they understand it's not a replacement then.. practically sure if given the chance, 100% of them would have probably stole it from me

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