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BANGKOK 24 May 2019 21:00
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Rumors over termination of coverages for cancer treatment medicine dismissed

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Rumors over termination of coverages for cancer treatment medicine dismissed




BANGKOK, 21 March 2019 (NNT) - The government denied allegations that the coverages for cancer treatment medicine from civil servants’ healthcare benefits had been terminated.


Deputy Government Spokesman Lt Gen Weerachon Sukhontapatipak addressed rumors circulated on social media alleging that the Comptroller General’s Department planned to terminate certain medical coverages for cancer treatment from civil servants’ healthcare benefits.


He said the government the Comptroller General’s Department has made adjustments related to payment protocols for costly medicine such as Lenalidomide for Leukemia treatment and Osimertinib for lung cancer treatment to allow hospitals and clinics to bill respective authorities directly without requiring patients to make advance payments.


With such adjustment, patients can no longer file claims for the medicine themselves by presenting the receipts at their government agency, effective from 15 March 2019.




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dig your nose a bit in real science

let's say there is a clinical trial for medicine x

they give it to 100 people

it is effective for 1 out of 100, when 99 others have no effect

big pharma can lie to you this pill is not 1% better than nothing or placebo,

but they will say it is 100% better, compared of doing nothing at all

and side effects and no benefits for 99 out of 100


cancer chemo is know, it is on the bag or insert, to give ...CANCER as a side effect

radiation does not kill  cancer stem cells

your tumor might have been cut out (massive inflammation what cancer loves to grow again), followed by radiation (dna damage) and chemo to kill your immune system


but this is how big pharma makes money on your death


chemo/radiation/surgery compared to doing nothing, in many cases, the person with cancer that does nothing, does not get all the ill side effects, does not die poor in the hospital as those treatments are expensive


sick, poor & dead in a hospital versus dying peacefully months later at home

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