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BANGKOK 18 April 2019 21:19

Timing of WP and extension of stay cancelation

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Hi guys,


In, Phuket, starting a new job in May and can't transfer employment status on existing NON-B. (In theory it's possible, but not in reality)


My plan is as follows:


1.) Ask current employer for termination letter with last day being Saturday, March 30

2.) Get WP cancelled on the 29th, Friday (also get a cancellation receipt for new employer)

3.) Drive over to immigration to cxl extension of stay effective 30th based on termination letter.


Drive to Ranong on Saturday the 30th to do the casino island run for a 30 day visa exempt entry, during which period my paperwork for new NON-B will be ready.


Anyone knows if Phuket Immigration does 3.)? May just drive round the block tomorrow and ask them...



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Ie. I want to avoid paying 500 baht overstay or 1900 baht 7 day extension if cancelled on Monday for example...

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afaik, if you cancel the WP then the extension of stay is considered void on the same day and you will be technically on overstay from the following day. This said, immigration will not know this so you'll be ok exiting the country the following day.


The tricky part is that you also want to cancel the extension at immigration. This you have to do on the same day as the WP cancellation to avoid an overstay fine.


Best of course to ask them directly.

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