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BANGKOK 18 April 2019 23:53

Thailand’s alcohol ban means Brit holidaymakers won’t be able to buy any booze ahead of the country’s elections

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Is this really headline news?

One of the most common headlines on Thai visa.

Crisis!.... What crisis??.....

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1 hour ago, PingRoundTheWorld said:

No. I do not understand. Banning alcohol for an election to begin with is ridiculous, but to apply it to foreigners who can't vote is just stupid. I've been in the Philippines for a couple of weeks and it was so refreshing to have nightlife there every night until 5am or later, after seeing police shut down Bangkok nightlife at 2-3am night after night recently. Thailand has more going for it than nightlife, but eventually people will have enough of this bullshit and just go somewhere else. It's already happening. My friends were supposed to come for the weekend but changed their destination when they heard about the booze ban. I extended my stay in the Philippines for a week when I heard about last weekend's booze ban. It's not "just one day" as some people here think - it's the primary reason why a great many tourists come to Thailand to begin with - party. Or I suppose Indian and Chinese tourists are better? lol.

Also PI when elections also alcohol is banned and that lasts at least a couple of DAYS

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