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BANGKOK 22 May 2019 05:31
Golden Triangle

Apathy from the voting public, your views.?

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This is the 1st public (allegedly democratic) vote that Thailand has seen for quite a number of years since they shafted the last PM.


I have learnt today that the wife of one of my friends was due to travel North with family members to cast her vote, she decided today that she couldn't be arsed to bother and exercise her democratic right !!


Another friend who is travelling with his Mrs tup north, also offered a free ride there & back to a family member who is working in the Patts area, the pratt couldn't be bothered to call them this morning and say no thanks.


Just a small sample I'll agree, but how many of you are experiencing the same apathy ??


The Thai people really are their own worst enemy.


What do you lot think ? 

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Please read this notice that is pinned in the General forum:





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