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BANGKOK 25 April 2019 01:50

Relocating to Isaan

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Hi currently live in Pattaya for 7 years and had enough. Wife's parents aging so we are considering relocating to the family farm. About 70 kms North East of Kalasin. South of Suko nakon .  I need access to a hospital that can prescribe my drugs all covered by Aust Gvt. Also looking at the availability of High Speed Internet for various needs. Currently the Village Parents are in does have Internet but we want to relocate and just checking how forgiving is the internet in these areas?

Looking to start a conversation with any who have made the move and pros and cons.  Been there many times so know what Im getting myself into. Will build a one bedroom house on the family farm.

Cheers Kirky

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147 kms from where we plan to locate. to Khon Kaen, Sukhon Nakon is about 1 hrs drive, Kalasin 1 hr, Somdet 30mins. Hoping to find a hopsital a bit closer to me although I only need go every 3 months or so. Thanks for your input.

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14 hours ago, Justin Side said:

Take your ear plugs.

Isaan is the noisiest place I have ever lived in.

You might just be lucky and fine a quiet place.

RRRRRRRRR cha chaaaaaaa.

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