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BANGKOK 19 April 2019 03:55

Suggestion: Pinned thread for posters with AQI devices to update.

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In the current "Air Quality in Koh Samui" thread, someone mentioned that it's hard to get accurate AQI readings in parts of the country due to few or no stations, which is something anyone who has looked at the charts has noticed.

Also other factors can enter into it so that e.g. there is burning very close to a monitor one day  and it will give an outlier reading which is not accurate for most of the area.


I'd like to suggest a pinned thread where those with AQI monitor devices could post the actual PM 2.5 readings for their area (city/village/part of town/whatever).

That would enable those with an interest in this to get accurate info for some areas where little info is available.

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