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BANGKOK 24 April 2019 03:02

how to enclose my chicken backyard ?

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Hello, i'm looking for a easy and pretty cheap solution to build a fense for my chicken. Could you advice me a good solution please ?

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Wooden stakes and chicken wire

Of course you will require to carry out a visual study of the chickens abilities to jump from ground level to an elevation to set the height of the wire, normal data input can be set over a two week period of activity during daylight hours

Second to this is the ability to scratch and dig under the fence where you may need to submerge some wire. Feeding near the fence line will give some indication of the most voracious scratchers although some can be calculating and watch your movements then carefully appear as though doing nothing

Of course a full canopy can be installed but that is more work and more expense which in light of the previous studies may not be absolutely necessary......

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