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BANGKOK 20 April 2019 09:45
Bang Bang

Dental rehab/Prosthodontist in Bkk recommendation?

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So the general dentist at BIDC told me I need a full mouth rehab and to see a prosthodontist about planning the procedure. I have made an appointment to see one at BIDC next week but was wondering if folks with experience having this procedure done in Bkk might have other recommendations.


Nothing against BIDC, they look a smart professional outfit, but the location on Ratchada is hell to get to late evening which is the only time good for me. Plus, I understand BIDC is on the expensive side so it might be good to compare costs with another option. Thank you.

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For that kind of extensive work, my first and second choice would be the dental clinic at Bangkok Hospital, simply because they've got a broad and deep array of specialists and work to hospital standards. Only problem is most of the dentists seem to keep limited hours there, so follow-up appointments can sometime be hard to book.


As well, I doubt it's any more convenient or cheaper than BIDC. Might well be a bit more expensive.


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