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BANGKOK 23 May 2019 06:23

Time for the military to withdraw

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5 hours ago, pornprong said:


  1. 1. 
    the greater number.
    "in the majority of cases all will go smoothly"

7,939,937 is not a greater number than 33,353,459


137 (Pheu Thai) seats is greater than 97 seats (Palang Pracharat)

137 (Pheu Thai) is greater than 118 (Palang Pracharat with added party list seats)


Other points worth noting:


1. Pheu Thai only contested 250 out of 350 constituencies, had they contested all 350 they would have beaten the junta by over a million votes - but the cost would have been the loss of a significant number of the 57 party list seats now with Future Forward.

2. Pheu Thai was awarded ZERO party list seats - this exposes the reason why the junta reduced the constituencies from 400 down to 350 and increases party list seats from 100 to 150 in their gerrymandered constitution.


The majority of the Thais clearly don't want a continuation of military rule, however, it must be acknowledged that a significant minority of Thais DO want a continuation of military rule.


Cue 12 to 18 months of chaos before we are all welcoming General Prime Minister Apirat.


I was with you until your last line. He's even worse than Prayuth. I don't think the public could accept him, even under a coup.  I think (or am I just hoping) it would bring out people on the streets and be the beginning of the end for military involvement in running the country.


And then I woke up! 

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Tanks for the memory now just do one 🤔

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13 hours ago, Odysseus123 said:

Amazing stuff...


Full credit to the writer and the editor who let it thru.

I guess Nation needs to find a new home after cozying up with the Junta for years.

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