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Hua Hin: Sit here for free but please order food - woman complains about beach rip off


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So they ordered 4 plates of food and 8 plates arrived and they don't bother asking why ?? 

They thought " oh this restaurant is nice we got free food ?"

They didn't look on the menu or anything ??

I don't go Hua Hin often and all the time i see on line "how they scam you"...however, whenever i go there with my gf, we ask for the menu, it's a bit expensive but not a scam but for sure if I order 2 stuff and they bring me double i will tell them to bring it back.

2,300 baht for 8 people is alright, looking at the pictures, the quantity seems correct for that price.

Husband got mad because....he had to pay for it.

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1 hour ago, taninthai said:

I stopped at a 5 star beach front hotel for a 390 bht pizza,,not bad I thought,,,then I wanted can of coke 115 bht......lol.... should I make a big scene over it😂😂😂😂............you live and learn and never return to places like that

Why not learn that Coke is bad for you and even an “expensive “ water is about 40 baht and often cheaper. Soda kills!! 

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2 hours ago, Lucius verus said:

Mavideol...   I am a cheap charlie?

Yep, if thats what you call it.

There is very little in Thailand worth paying western money for. Local food is terrific except  most seafood.    30 -50 b for A full meal...never had food poisoning. Hookers ,  if you want one,30 dollars, clothes dirt cheap,rent dirt cheap with a/c.,even Buddha statues that farangs pay 800- 5000b for are given away free by temples to regulars who give alms.

Many end up in soi markets...farang are gullible.

If I am defined as a  cheap charlie so be it.


I agree. So called Cheap Charlies are often wise shoppers. I prefer to look around, exercise my options and move on if I suspect a rip off. 

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There is only one question left.

Why did Mr. Prayuth and Mr. Big Joke not spend some time to hunt down these scammers, over charger and foreign rip off people all over the place?????


Come tell me!!!!


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9 minutes ago, Wildliferescue said:


Nothing better to think off  than slugging someone off for her nose? Low. 

You seem to have ignored the rest of my rather long post which seems to make your comment redundant. Would you describe yourself as an angry person?

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