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BANGKOK 26 May 2019 01:59

where are the expats in Roi Et?

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12 hours ago, RocketDog said:

There are several places with fantastic food and amazingly low prices with incredible ambiance. 

Drinks are free and there is live music and a very attractive dance floor. If it's your birthday everything is on the house. 

It's a short walk from luxury hotels with ridiculously low rates and jacuzzi baths in every room and free room service with a scrumptious breakfast buffet included.. 


I just can't remember the names or exact locations. Good luck and enjoy. Be sure to tell them I sent you to get a discount. 


Top marks for adjectives. Awesome post.

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8 hours ago, Kadilo said:

I’m sure he will find that really useful. 

I was poking some gentle fun at previous posts. They were equally helpful but made me laugh.

All in fun.

My total experience is driving thru the city one time! 😉

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Depends where the OP is staying in Roi Et and if he has hired transport.

There are 5 different bars/restaurants where local expats can be found at certain times of the day, but not within walking distance of each other.

101 Pizza and the bar to the left of it (Lakeside view?), around the lake 16.058240, 103.648944

Riverside bar, around the klong 16.065612, 103.657342

Dtum's bar, not far from Makro, 16.063641, 103.629838

Patricks Bar 16.053311, 103.626484


Pizzas are good at 101. Best English food served at Riverside bar or Patricks bar.

Riverside closed Sundays.

Patricks closed Mondays.

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