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BANGKOK 17 June 2019 04:17

Getting too fat!!!!

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Hi Everyone,

I am after a bit of advice! mellow 
I am approx. 16 weeks pregnant with my second child, when i fell pregnant i was still bigger than my normal weight as my son was only 9 months old and i hadn't lost all the weight from my first pregancy.
I am a very fit and active person, but i still put on 20+ kilos when i was pregnant with my son (he was over 4kgs of that).
I have already gained 7 kilos this time round and i am worried that not only am i putting on too much weight but i will have another huge baby (i don't think i would survive a baby any bigger than my son, i was stiched from top to bottom if you know what i mean) sad 
We live out of town so going to a gym is not possible for me, but i do get alot of exercise at home and i eat pretty well except the odd treat but i am not eating junk food all day or anything.
I am so unsure about what to do and i hate to admit it is getting me down sad , i know it sound silly but i feel i have to do something!

Thanks for any advice in advance
Cass smile

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Have yo consulted an OB regarding your concerns.  Medically speaking its a good move.  Second, assuming everything is  medically is healthy, gaining weight is normal during pregnancy.  Conversely, one of the best pieces of advice offered was, be patient about losing the weight; it took your body 12 months to gain weight and make the changes it did to prepare for birth, anticipate at least a normal 12 months to undo all that.  In other words, don't be too hard/judgemntal of yourself.  You can restore things to the way they were.  Of course, as we all age, it may get harder or easier for some us depending on genetics, and other factors. However, I do hear your concerns.  You questioning how much.  I cannot tell you, except sometimes there are changes that are leaps and bounds, while other times changes progress slow and steady.  Hope your journey and birth is a joyous one.  Good luck, and remember to time your breathing, it HELPS!

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