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BANGKOK 19 April 2019 13:47

Buriram: Nurse's assistant on her phone playing games while patient fights for life

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Buriram: Nurse's assistant on her phone playing games while patient fights for life



Caption: It ended well


Thai social media went into a frenzy after a nurse's assistant was seen playing games on her phone while operating a respirator for a seriously ill patient. 


Netizens said it was highly inappropriate for a nurse to have a phone on in such a situation - the man was in a coma. 


The Buriram hospital apologized and sent the family a basket of fruit and flowers. 


A doctor spoke of the modern addiction of people to their phones and social media especially at work. 


A top lawyer said the assistant could have been jailed for ten years if the man died. 


But the family have removed the clip, accepted the hospital apology and said sorry themselves.


Social media went into meltdown after the clip was posted on Facebook by a relative of her uncle in a coma with the nurse's assistant said to be playing games and indifferent to his fate. 


It has since been removed. 


Dr Noppadon Phitsanuwong said the hospital had acted fact to address the situation. They did this by sending a decorative basket of fruit and goodies to the family and set up a committee to investigate. 



Picture: Manager


He agreed that this was not appropriate behavior and the assistant would be subject to the investigation. 


The hospital was not named.


Manager quoted top online lawyer Ratchaphon Sirisakhon - well known for his comments about everything related to the law after he said it was illegal to comment negatively about a Thai woman's breast size. 


Ratchaphon also agreed the assistant's actions were inappropriate and added that if the man had died and a negligence charge was made to stick the assistant could go to jail for 10 years and be fined 200,000 baht. 


Doctor of mental health Dr Yothin Wichetwichai told Manager that many people these days showed they were addicted to their phones and social media. This was a clear case and evidence that many people play games and surf the net at work.


He warned people not to spend more than six hours a day online. And young children should be kept off phones completely. 


The family said that it was not their intention to shame the hospital or cause them to lose face - they were concerned with the fate of their relative. They apologized for the post and took it down. 


Manager said in their story that it had ended well. 


Source: ManagerManager



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-03
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Personally I wouldn't trust the bananas in a basket of fruit with this much boredom in ICU🤔

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