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BANGKOK 25 April 2019 02:47


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I was talking to myself this morning and said “ต้องอ่านหนังสือ” when I thought, why is that not หนังสื่อ ? So I decided to see what the difference was between สือ and สื่อ and to my surprise could not find สือ in the dictionary!

I think that if the word were หนังสื่อ it would not need defining, can anybody agree with me in that?



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Thanks for that eric67 but I am taught that if a syllable of a word has no meaning then the whole word is considered a คำมูล.
You gave me the link so I tried สื่อ and there is no etymology for it yet wouldn’t you agree that หนังสื่อ as a noun means หนังสือ ?
This article appears to give it meaning, (“writing; book” )which means it’s use becomes unrestricted. อ่านสือ เขียนสือ ตัวสือ are all possible but he can only come up with หนังสือ (book)ลายสือ (character) . Now that I have written that I have to ask myself Why not? The answer is of course because สือ does not mean writing or book in Thai.
I wondered if perhaps หนังสื่อ was unacceptable because it uses a verb as modifier but then thought, Why not?
Sorry to ramble on but that is what I do!
Other words like ลูกค้า ผ้าเช็ดตัว don’t suffer modification for being readable.

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