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Swedish man found dead sitting on the toilet in his home in Udon


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Swedish man found dead sitting on the toilet in his home in Udon



Caption: My friend is a corpse


Police called to a house in Udon found a 74 year old Swedish man sitting on the toilet  dressed only in black shorts. 


He had been dead for a week. 


A friend, pictured wai-ing the corpse outside the toilet, and a female neighbor called Maliwan, 64, had alerted the authorities after they had called out to Reno, 74, and got no response. 


There was a smell of decomposition coming from the house in Ban Leuam sub-district.


A foundation rescue team and police found the outside gate locked but the one story house was unlocked. 


The victim's pick-up was parked in the carport, there was no sign of a struggle or theft in the house. 


Maliwan said that Reno was a man who kept himself to himself and said he was suffering from a disease though she couldn't say exactly what.


He had been married to a Thai woman but they broke up years ago. 


The body was taken away for a full autopsy. 


Source: Sanook



 -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-04
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probably a lot of people on this site that could die tomorrow and not be found for a week, sad..

Have two friends in Chiang Mai only one elderly we check in everyday by messenger just to avoid this. A buddy system. Would you want to trouble Condo staff to be found by a horrendous smell?




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9 minutes ago, BWPattaya said:

This is far from uncommon. Many people feel chest pain and get a sudden urge to evacuate their bowels then collapse on the toilet. 

True..but the opposite is equally true..straining on the toilet can bring on a heart attack or an anuerism as well.


At least he had a friend to "wai" him. 

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