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Philippines 2019 for new expats

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Over the next weeks I will write about Philippines, how it is to live here as a former Thai expat.   With the never ending visa changes in Thailand, I hope this will be helpful now for some

I don't think he started this thread to attract hecklers. There is a bigger world than only Thailand, or indeed Asean.

Visa: After the first 29 days on arrival, go to immigration and apply for 1 months extension. You can apply next day after arrival if you want. 3.120 peso 60$   After first 59 days in c

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1 minute ago, ExpatPH said:


Thanks for the questions, some already just posted, more will be answered within days.



I didn't mean all at once, of course... I just meant, perhaps eventually!  :biggrin:


And some details you might consider addressing when you follow through on your own plans for posts and topics for them....




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Receive Direct Pension is available here IF your country of origin already have an agreement with PH.

Im not from USA but from Europe, so I can only answer from my own experience. Will ask US expats for you, when i meet them.


My country already have agreement with PH so I can choose to get my pension in either country, directly.


Bank online transfer have improved last years, so I can now transfer my pension from home, and receive it in my local bank the next working day. I pay 6$ for the bank transfer from my country.


If I choose direct payment to my account here in PH, its possible, but SS and bank in origin country warns 'transfer time will be longer'.

If that mean 1 week or 1 month, I have no answer to that.



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Kind of interesting.... Living in TH, I've found, there are any number of things that are easier to find and better to buy for quality, price or other reasons in my home country and have sent by mail to TH.


So I figured I'd mock up sending a 2 lbs package from California to both Cebu and BKK with exactly the same dimensions and details using my preferred re-shipper, Planet Express... And interestingly, the quoted prices for both PE's own airmail service and their USPS Priority and Express services were IDENTICAL going to either Cebu or BKK, right down to the cent.


Now, that doesn't address how reliable or secure the PH mail/package delivery system is compared to what occurs in Thailand, but at least it shows the package delivery rates can be comparable.


In my long experience in BKK, my international package delivery experience for things coming into BKK has been excellent via ThaiPost, with very few problems. If I buy it and send it, I expect to receive it. And usually with no customs fees or tax whatsoever as long as the declared value per package is under $50 U.S. or so.


Local mail and package delivery experience, customs duties, hassles, restrictions might be another topic to touch on....



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Years ago I went to the Philippines for an exploratory trip. I focused on Cebu City. I thought it was OK, I could live there, but didn't feel a need to. The OP's impressions even though much more recent have the ring of truth to me. 


I have wondered about Davao City and Baguio as alternatives though. 

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