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Philippines 2019 for new expats

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Not all areas in Cebu are highly polluted. Best to check out yourself where is acceptable.
Mactan less traffic and pollution but often need to cross these 2 bridges that can be traffic..Also Cebu city near the new Robinson Galleria mall is not a congested area definitely better air then the innercity and with big roads besides the mactan channel its very comfortable there and your living right besides 2 big shopping malls..
Look you probably think you are doing someone a great service ,writing this stuff ..but , really , you are so far off the mark with some of it , im thinking you perhaps need to do some real boots on the ground research before posting this advice .
Mactan , less traffic, less pollution .. Not the 3 years I lived there !

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Over the next weeks I will write about Philippines, how it is to live here as a former Thai expat.   With the never ending visa changes in Thailand, I hope this will be helpful now for some

I don't think he started this thread to attract hecklers. There is a bigger world than only Thailand, or indeed Asean.

Visa: After the first 29 days on arrival, go to immigration and apply for 1 months extension. You can apply next day after arrival if you want. 3.120 peso 60$   After first 59 days in c

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45 minutes ago, gusincebu said:

IT Park is not a private compound .. Never seen a guard on the entances from Salinas Ave ..had a gf working as a call center agent in there , was in and out picking her up regularly .

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Yes weird even every small mini supermarket in Phillipines have guards but the Entrance of the Cebu IT park according to you have no guards at entrance?

Yes it’s privately owned compound says it even on the signs at their entrances. Most jeeps are not allowed in.

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4 hours ago, rodentwarrior said:

Again utter tripe.  SM Seaside is built on the South Road Properties area.  It is reclaimed land, and the Mall is built in an area of green field.  There is no accommodation nearby, unless you live in a tent.



Google San Remo Oasis Cebu Developer Filinvest.

Its 1400 meters away only from that Sm Seaside mall.. 

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1 hour ago, watcharacters said:

Yeah,  this has evolved into a real food fight.

Hahaha  okay, I hear you.  It's just that as a resident of Cebu, it's strange to read the fantasy, when I experience the reality.  The rather hysterical reporting of pollution here is extraordinary, and usually emanates from people who don't live here.  If it was so bad here, people would not settle here, and this is a rapidly expanding metropolitan area.  If the pollution was so awful, why would SM build the biggest Mall I've ever been in? 


My adopted children have lived here their entire lives, they are all as strong as horses.  I never said there wasn't pollution here - it's everywhere, I just don't want people to go away with the impression that Cebu is like some post apocalyptic landscape where everyone wears face masks.  It's is certainly cleaner than Bangkok, where I also lived for 7 years. 


Surely the best information comes from someone with boots on the ground?  I actually lived in IT Park some years ago, I left after 8 months because of the pollution and noise from the many jeepneys running through the Park 24/7.  Make of that what you will.

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