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Do you need a long stay Thailand visa or have questions about a work permit and setting up business in Thailand ?

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Do you need a long stay Thailand visa or have questions about a work permit and setting up business in Thailand ?


Speak to our professional today !!!



Most expats are quite comfortable in their adopted countries, having adapted to the customs and culture of their neighbors. However, there is one aspect of living in a foreign land that virtually all expats have qualms about – the laws and legal system in their new home.


What should I do to stay in Thailand?

Should I use a visa service or should I do it myself?

How do I apply for a long term visa in Thailand?

What do I need to do to get married in Thailand?

Whom do I turn to when stopped by the police for reasons you do not understand?

How do I know about Thai immigration Law?

How can I be sure that my lease agreement or purchase of a home is drafted in a way that protects my benefit?


These and a whole host of other legal issues were easily dealt with in your native land, but now the framework you were familiar with is less certain.




That, in a nutshell, is why Thai Legal Protection (TLP) was created – to provide a trusted resource at an affordable rate for people who have Visa questions or legal issues. TLP’s network professionals in every province throughout the kingdom of Thailand. These experienced lawyers are capable of assisting you on any legal issue or question you have.


For a mere 499 baht per month, ex-pats have unlimited access to legal advice and, should it be necessary, significant discounts in legal fees if it is necessary to retain counsel.be


• Unlimited FREE Legal Consultations

• Unlimited FREE Visa Consultations

• Face-to-Face Consultations

 24/7 Call Center Support

• Nationwide Emergency Legal Assistance

• Thai & English Speaking Lawyers

• All Areas of the Law Covered


For more details, visit the TLP website at https://www.thailegalprotection.com/  


or Call Local : 02-026-1914 ; Outside Thailand : +662-026-1914.

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