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BANGKOK 19 April 2019 14:07

Police prepare as Future Forward boss set to face sedition charges

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Police prepare as Future Forward boss set to face sedition charges 

By Supachai Petchthawee 
The Nation 



File photo : Thanathorn Jungrungruengkit//Prasert Thepsri


The Future Forward leader on Saturday is due to hear sedition charges at Pathumwan police station on Saturday with police preparing for possible large crowds.


Thanathorn Jungrungruengkit and his party, which was formed in March last year, proved popular among younger voters. The party came third, according to unofficial results, beating the Democrat Party, therefore large crowd is expected on Saturday.


The billionaire turned politician posted the warrant on Facebook, claiming the sedition charge was part of a political game.


Pol Maj General Pattana Petyanawin, Bangkok’s commander, said he had ordered Colonel Thammanoon Boonrueng of Pathumwan police to prepare for Thanathorn’s visit to the station.


He believed that everything would be peaceful despite the large crowd that was expected. 


Some groups had asked permission to gather on the day, Pattana said, adding that they needed to request permission and acted according to the laws.

Thanathorn on Wednesday claimed he had no idea why he was being accused of sedition.


He speculated that the legal action, which he characterised as “just an old political game”, comes because his party did far better at the polls than most people expected.


“They fear the fact that our policies drew the attention of 6.3 million voters,” he said. “The people supported us without any money incentive or other influence.”


However, deputy national police chief General Srivara Rangsibhramanakul said the charges were not politically motivated. 


On June 24, 2015, at about 10pm, a group of seven suspects was due to be charged in a martial court at Pathumwan police station but they escaped in a minivan that belonged to a firm owned by Somporn, Thanathorn’s mother.


Srivara said Thanathorn was charged because he was with the group of the suspects on that day.


Even Somporn was aware of the situation and assigned lawyers to handle the case, Srivara said.


“I can confirm that Thanathorn’s warrant is not politically motivated as the alleged incident happened before the election. The case was delayed because of the annual transfer of chief investigators,” Srivara said.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30367141



-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-04-04

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The world is watching and laughing at Thailand.  Talk about" I'm taking my ball and going home", mentality. 

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1 minute ago, Denim said:


I will defer to your opinion. Certainly hope that is the case.


Any way you look at it they have got it in for him.

Rangsima Rome, one of the accused who it is said Thanathorn helped to flee from the police station, denied today that Thanathorn helped him escape. He said Thanathorn's vehicle passed by but he thought Thai Summit, Thanathorn's company was Thai Samut (an insurance company).

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Posted (edited)

The boys in uniforms who are behind all the social unrest and doubts,  do not realise that on the short term they will scare away tourists, expats or foreign investors.....and mainly also scare away their good money !!

Edited by observer90210

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