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BANGKOK 21 May 2019 15:44

Changing schools at M4

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I’d like some advice and suggestions regarding my stepson changing schools.

He’s almost fifteen, so this coming new school year will start M3.

Right now he’s at a cheaper private school - 6,000-odd Baht/term. He’s been there since he was four years old.


My wife is keen to find him a residential/boarding school for when he starts M4. I don’t know if adding the word ‘international’ is worthwhile, while I’m sure it will add to the cost.


Her thinking is to teach him to learn to live and get on with others. She also wants a school that will drastically restrict the the use of mobile phones.

Sadly it’s the way youth is going, every spare minute is spent staring (very closely) at a blessed smartphone.


His English language skills are appalling, despite having extra English tuition a few years back, At the time he did everything he could to avoid learning English.

Now, he seems keener on learning English, but for his age it is at a very basic level.


We live in Udon Thani, I don’t know if there are any schools in the area, or Issan.


Any constrictive comments would be appreciated.

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Boarding will be expensive.


Any school with stature will require some form of entrance exam although you might get some sympathy and a break from only a private school $$


He doesn't sound like he enjoys school much and that's ok as long as he enjoys learning. But he does need to be aware that in three years, he needs to be doing something with his life.


I'm inclined to steer him toward Don Bosco Tech in Bangkok. Uncertain abt boarding. They do lots of tech-y stuff and have relationships with some big international corporations.


Then there is St Dominic's nearby. I'm uncertain the relationship between the two but loads of boys go here. The two might be interconnected or Bosco could serve the Tech students and Dominic's the more academically inclined. Both worth a look!


Another option is Assumption College. I think they board, I could easily find out. But he'd need to shoot for a lesser campus such as Samut Prakan or wherever that is. Not Ban Rak or Rama 2.


Little known and often overlooked...




They board. I've honestly never met a grad from there and have only seen a few job posts in 5 years. Academically, discipline wise it seems perfect for him. No idea how he'd fare academically.


I'd look at Don Bosco. As for boarding, there are private dorms about but he'd really need to be in charge of himself. I've taught many students from outside Bangkok who live in dorms but they have focus, ambition and drive. Good kids that can be trusted not to get into trouble. Of course, relatives best option perhaps but do mind the hassle of the commute to school.


Finally, if you have relatives in Khon Kaen or Ubon there are some ok schools there. Benchamamaharat in Union, but again it's public so entrance exams. I think there are a few decent privates in KK.


I think there's a military academy up in Mae Hon Son as well.


Hope this helps



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Thank you very much for replying to my post.

It will take me some time for look through the schools you have suggested, to find out more.


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School has already started, so it may be difficult finding a place now.

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4 hours ago, DavisH said:

School has already started, so it may be difficult finding a place now.

If you read the OP, it did say that the boy will be starting M4 and looking for a new school in one year time.

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