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BANGKOK 19 April 2019 17:55

More phones than folks

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The number of mobile SIM card subscribers went up by 4.5 percent in 2018 while the number of landline users plummeted by nearly one-third, such were the figures released at the annual meeting of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on Friday, April 5.


The Kingdom’s SIM card users number 19.4 million, which is 120 percent of its total population, whereas the 88,157 landline users represent a mere 0.5 percent. The report stated that mobile internet usage increased by 25.7 percent (now 13.4 million users) and fixed internet users gained 10 percent (now 153,348 users) in one year.

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At the end of 2018 some 6.4 million people were 2G SIM card subscribers (30 percent of all users),  3G subscribers tallied 4.6 million (24 percent), with the majority of users, 8.2 million (43 percent), were 4G subscribers .


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50594064/more-phones-than-folks/

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