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Need urgent advise about how to deal with Dogbites

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Hi Guys,


I need advise what to do about a problem of mine. I own 2 Pitbull Pups 4-5 Months, female and male.

I know myself that my female Pitbull will Bite IF you provoke her or touch her. She has bitten 2 Dogs dead already in front of our house. Both Dog had NO owner. Her first bite was to protect my grandmother when she was cleaning in front of our house. Dog(Thai dog 2-3 years old) (owner left him when he moved out) wanted to bite my grandmother so she attacked and end up killing the Dog. She bite the dogs neck and didn't let go, i got in between the dogs and got my dog off the other dog. I had dog bites on my hand and went to doctor and got my shots. Dog died from bleeding out from the neck.

The second time was also a stray dog, she bid his right ear off because he smelled her but. The dog came onto our property and got bitten here from both of the dogs. Dog ran away, i only know it died because someone that picks up the rubbish(bottle, plastic etc....) told us.


Until a couple days she never ever bite a human. 4 days ago when i came home from my daily Dog walk, i stop to buy some milk and ramen from the shop near our House. I lock my Dog onto a tree and told those drunk people that were drinking not to touch my dogs because it will bite you. They didn't listen and he got bitten on the Leg after he touch her but part.

Immediately I OFFER him to get him to doctor and would pay for the bill. I also told him that my dogs are vaccinated. In his drunkenness he didn't want to do it.

Well i thought if he didn't want to go then i cant make him go, and i thought the problem its cleared.

Yesterday i asked the shop owner how he is doing and she told me that he only got a mark and skin was violet(you know what i mean right? wen you bump into something).

I ask her if he went to doctor and she said he doesn't have the money to do so. I said offer still stands.

Now in his drunkenness( he usely is every day drunk from morning till night) he came to my house when i wasn't here (grandmother was at home) and demanded money or he will go to the police.

He said something like yesterday was everything okay but now he cant walk and cant go to find work.


I told my grand mom that i can offer him 2000 baht for the doctors bill, i know you can get the doc shots for 30 baht.

In every area(Khon Kaen) you got those places where you go with you ID card and can get injections or little thinks like cold etc fixed, its a small government clinic.

If you go to hospital you would need to pay around 500-600 baht(if you ask why i know this is because i got bitten a couple times from stray dogs haha).


Now to be short, my grandmother said that i am crazy to pay him 2000 baht +, she said if i should pay its only 200-400 baht.

My friends that i asked said don't pay at all, he wont go doctor anyway and use the money to buy his daily drinks(i full glass 10 baht).


Now i need some advice from you guys what to do?  Should i pay or should i let the police handle it.


Thanks again for advises



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Just now, cooked said:

Properly brought up, pit bulls in my experience are a worthwhile dog to have, loyal, intelligent, protective. I don't have pit bulls but the 7 dogs I do have were initially whacked hard when they were naughty, they are always happy to see me and come immediately whatever they are doing, when called, by name. Haven't done more than occasionally raise my hand for years now

You can't train dogs with love alone. Pit bulls however, don't care if you hit them once they get their teeth in.

as you are a dog man, so you know only too well that they will follow the leader (you) if you show that you are the boss. The trouble seems to be that a lot of owners of strong dogs, like pitbulls and rottweilers, just don't know how to project that leadership to the dog. But it's not just that,  they are very territorial as we know, and they will go to protect what they see as theirs, if there is a preserved threat to them or their leader, therein lies the problem. I have a little toy Shih Tzu puppy.  Even he, small as he is,  exhibits all of these behaviours, he's just too small to be much of a threat, but he's a dog, so he still tries and he still needs to be trained accordingly, if only to stop him thinking he can kill the cat, who really is the boss, of us all !!.   

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Think Lester Piggott once said to an owner this horse is pulling to the left and needs balancing behind the ear the owner said to Piggott how would you do that with a shotgun was the reply🤔

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