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German tourist savagely raped and murdered on Koh Si Chang - Thai man charged

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German tourist savagely raped and murdered on Koh Si Chang - Thai man charged
Picture: Daily News
A 27 year old German tourist was viciously raped and murdered on Koh Si Chang off the Chonburi coast on Sunday. 
The murderer attempted to hide her battered and bloodied body on a hillside. 
A police manhunt through the afternoon resulted in the evening arrest of a 24 year old Thai man who has admitted to the crime. 
Picture: Thai Rath
The 27 year old victim who police understand had been staying in Pattaya and was taking a day trip to the island after boarding a boat in Sri Racha. She had arrived at 12 noon and rented a motorbike. 
Picture: Thai Rath
Another tourist looking for a place to take pictures found her partially hidden under rocks and bracken on the hill leading up to the Chula Jorm Klao flag in the Thathewawong sub-district. 
Koh Si Chang police on the scene saw only an arm protruding from large and small rocks. The victims face and head had been bludgeoned and there was blood all over her legs one of which was broken behind the knee. 
She was wearing underwear and a knee length skirt and had been dead for at least 5 hours, reported Thai Rath.
Daily News said that her neck had been broken.  
A manhunt was conducted on the island with everyone coming and going investigated. A local man was soon in custody. 
He was named as 24 year old Ronnakorn Romreun. After a three hour interrogation he has reportedly admitted to the crime. 
Thai Rath said that he had approached the victim and been rebuffed. He then followed her and raped her before bludgeoning her to death to cover up his crime. 
He has been charged with rape, murder and concealing a corpse. 
Source: Thai Rath | Daily News
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-08
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14 minutes ago, scorecard said:

And what happened to the laws that suspects faces are not allowed to be shown until proven guilty?

His face was shown to prove no police brutality (to his face anyway.)

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2 minutes ago, Prairieboy said:

I am constantly amazed at how police are able to elicit a confession from 'suspects'.  Is there a secret interrogation method they use?


A very nasty crime and a sad end to a young ladies life.

Assuming these people are the perpetrators I would say it's usually a lack of intelligence in being able to deny the crime. It's not easy even for very clever people to get away with murder, right?

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