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German tourist savagely raped and murdered on Koh Si Chang - Thai man charged


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My own Thai wife goes out with her friends every Thursday night for a meal at a restaurant in BKK when were home - when shes finished she calls me to pick her up - whatever time it is!! She says ALL Thai women know how dangerous Thailand and in particular Taxis are - her friends say the same!! Thailand IS an unusually dangerous place for women no doubt about that!!

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2 hours ago, LomSak27 said:


“Development” is just an easy excuse or deflection. Modernity brings to the fore, aspects of a culture that have always existed in that culture.


“If the integrity of the ministers of justice matches the wisdom of the laws that have been established in the Kingdom of Siam, there would be no more civilized state in the whole of the Indies. But the inordinate passion for amassing of wealth, which is the dominant vice in the country, render these laws forever ineffective.”

-Traveler to Siam 1600's -

The above quote indicates materialism has long been a problem, whether in the Ayutthaya Kingdom or todays Thailand. Nothing new here.



Where on earth is materialism not a problem? 

Interesting to know who the Traveler to Siam 1600's was too. During those times racism, inhuman treatment etc were at it's peak. Yes,Asia was raped unmercifully during those times. Today it's happening in a more refined manner, but some changes are in the offing. 

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On 4/8/2019 at 11:15 AM, Gecko123 said:

My advice to women travelling in Thailand would be to exercise a higher degree of caution than you may have believed was adequate in the past. I believe the incidence of sexual assaults against women may be on the rise in Thailand. While the vast majority of Thai men are totally decent blokes, there is a growing underclass of Thai men who, having fallen through the cracks of the educational system and been raised in home environments with poor or non-existent parental supervision, often struggle to be reliable bread winners and to form households, have poor impulse control skills, and turn to alcohol and drug abuse to dull the reality of their lives, all risk factors which raise the risk of sexual assault. My reason for suspecting this may be a growing problem is that both income inequality and urbanization trends are accelerating, and these trends, in turn, are exacerbating the number of children raised in single-parent or no-parent families, particularly in rural areas.

You might want to do some research as to how many opium dens in Bangkok  before WWII.  Drug use in Thailand is way down. 

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On 4/9/2019 at 2:38 AM, Father Fintan Stack said:

You should speak to Thai women.


Thai women who are scared to take taxis alone, who are scared to walk down quiet sois alone.


You know, the women that populate the country.


You may be surprised about the reality of the situation for women in Thailand. 

You think you have the monopoly on speaking to Thai women? 


The ones i know and speak to do not concur with your “reality” of Thailand. 

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8 hours ago, Father Fintan Stack said:



Just because someone points out facts that you don't find palateable or dislike that isn't a slur.


Now get a grip of yourself.

The nonsense is yours, everything that Benroom stated was true and accurate.

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