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Reasons why boarding can benefit your child

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Reasons why boarding can benefit your child


Boarding is such a unique environment; the children are away from their own homes, but they become part of a ‘family of friends’”, says Tim Jones, House Parent of Marshall House, Rugby School Thailand. As a parent, deciding to enrol your child for boarding can feel like a big one, but often there are profound benefits.


A key element to happy boarding is that ‘home from home’ atmosphere, where children feel relaxed and supported. At Rugby School Thailand our House Parents and House Deans create just that, while also ensuring expert guidance to the children in their care.


This stretches from developing core values and supporting any personal issues, to strict rules on mobile and screen usage, helping children build interpersonal skills and discover new hobbies.


In boarding, children can gain precious hours back. In cities like Bangkok, the commute to and from school can literally take up hours of the day; the commute here is a short walk along green pathways to get to class. Add to this the fact that our incredible facilities become part of the ‘back garden’, and boarding pupils find themselves with quality time in which to engage – in extra study, in free play, in new hobbies, and with friends.


This takes us onto the next benefit. The friendships made in our boarding houses are incredibly strong. The community spirit that comes from living together, caring for and supporting one another, and enjoying free-time together, means some of the deepest-rooted friendships develop amongst boarders.


But the children gain a strong sense of independence, too. From the first boarding years through Prep, to the last ones in Sixth Form, we build on the idea of independence. Children make their own beds and are encouraged to help with laundry and tidying communal areas. This all contributes to our boarders leaving school with a mature attitude, prepared for the demands of university.


If you want to find out more about boarding life at Rugby School Thailand, click here




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