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BANGKOK 23 April 2019 15:37

Trouble with my Landlord. Your Suggestions/Comments are Appreciated

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What if the landlord decides to take this matter to court as I am not prepared to pay the five months’ rent that I have paid also for a second time? What courses of actions are in front of me? What should I expect to happen? Do I have a valid contract considering the info that I have provided in the last two or three paragraphs? Can landlord’s copy be valid?


I am a tenant in Hua Hin and recently my landlord which lives in another city in Thailand has informed me through her liaison person that I haven't paid the rent for five months dating back to 17 months ago and its four succeeding months. I had paid those rents to my Thai lady friend that lived in my house during those months for handing over to landlord's liaison person in Hua Hin. Prior and after to those five months I have been paying the rent personally to this liaison person. The landlord and the liaison have no knowledge of English, no more than two or three words.


She brought back receipts, looked signed by the liaison, but now I think the signature on them is forged by my former lady friend. Both the landlord and her liaison in Hua Hin have kept me completely uninformed about the possible non-payment of the rent until four weeks ago. The house is very old and the rent for it is way over its current rental value. I believe the stronger possibility is that the landlord has received the rent, but not in full and has been paying a commission to my former lady friend, but not quite sure of the truth.


My former lady friend moved out one year ago as asked by me after she confessed to telling me lies on many matters, most of them having financial implications against me, stealing would perhaps be a better word. I am well into my pension age and had no clue to this lady betraying me as she had lived with me for over three years.


I am certain that there has been a deal or connivance between my former lady friend and the landlord for a long time, extending even up until 4 weeks ago.


The liaison person seems to have done and been listening to the landlord and also influenced by my lady friend.


Also, only very recently after showing the rental contracts to a Thai friend I realized that my former lady friend’s name is added in the signature section of the contract on top of my signature and name as my agent. Needless to say, that she hasn’t been my agent, has had no authorization from me and has added her name there in Thai most probably after I had signed the contract. This has happened in three contracts, including the most recent one. She lived in my house and had access to my papers.


The actual monthly rent as per the most recent contract altered in my lady friend’s hand writing had been reduced, but I have been paying the full rent.



1.     Keeping me deliberately uninformed for 16 months or more by the landlord on not receiving the rent for five months starting from November 2017 and ending in March 2018 (If she has truly not received the rent for the five months that she is claiming).


2.      Needless to say, that if the landlord had informed me immediately that she hasn’t received the rent for November of 2017 or earlier than that (whichever month she has in mind) I would have stopped paying the rent to my lady friend for payment to the liaison person immediately. And the problem could be stopped in November of 2017.


3.     Worthwhile to know is that during 5 years of staying at this house I have always paid the rent in advance. The landlord or the liaison person should not have waited for 16 months or more to tell me that the rent is due.


4.      After my lady friend left my house over a year ago, I have always paid 12500 Bahts per month and was not aware that the rent is corrected to 10000 Bahts per month in my copy of the contract. This could be one reason for hiding the possible non-payment of rent from me due to a private arrangement between them.


5.     Also, the liaison person had not informed me that he hasn’t been receiving the rent in spite of meeting me several times during the entire periods, at least once every month and in some months twice.


6.     The security deposit that I had paid prior to signing of the first contract (5000 Bahts) has not been mentioned in the latest contract that my former lady friend had facilitated signing with the landlord


7.     My copy of the contract is not dated and there are other changes and omissions in the contract in favour of the landlord, only initialed by the first name of the liaison person (perhaps forged) and not me.


8.     From the copy of the final contract, there are indications that my lady friend had negotiated the rent down. However, after she left my house, I have been paying the full amount to the liaison person.


It can also be seen by latest contract which is modified in my lady friend’s hand writing. This is another reason that I believe something important about the amount of rent has been and still is being hidden from me, ON THIS DATE.




During late February 2019 I gave a verbal notice to the liaison person about my decision to move out of the house.


During late March 2019 I handed over a written “Notice to Move Out” to the liaison person for delivery to the landlord. This was due to inaction of the landlord to arrange the repair of the roof. As a result of which substantial damage to my personal effects in storage room of the house due to rain leakage and general absence of interest in essential necessary repairs.


We went to reception desk of a nearby hotel for translation purpose and I also requested a meeting with the landlord to come to the house along with someone that can understand English to discuss and work out a date for moving out.


No response yet and I think it may not be forthcoming soon as the landlord simply ignores my requests. I suspect that it may be possibly due to a clause in her copy of the contract arranged by my former lady friend which could be different than mine. Please bear in mind that I trusted my former lady friend up until one day prior to asking her to leave the house.


About three weeks ago I handed over two files of the relevant rent receipts to the liaison person, one for his knowledge and the other for handing over to the landlord. If they haven’t received the rent for those five months, they will see for themselves that the signature of the liaison person is forged on five receipts. The liaison person was not surprised at all by seeing those receipts.


I am not sure that my copy of the final contract looks like the one in the possession of the landlord as there are many alterations on my copy in my lady friend’s hand writing. The previous contract had been altered to create the final contract. My copy is not dated. The period is two years in Thai, but one year in English, both already expired, March 2019. The period is from month to month rather than from date to date. The altered period has been altered again to extend the contract for one more year, not initialed by me and only initialed by the liaison person’s first name (I think forged by my former lady friend).


A few months ago, I had shown this contract to the liaison person with the amount of rent reduced on it. He shook his head as if he is aware of it. But I had been paying the full rent as had been asked by my lady friend (and wasn’t sure of the true situation).


I am aware that my case is a complicated one, but would appreciate with thanks the comments/suggestions that may be forthcoming. Regards, birdi9.

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59 minutes ago, birdi9 said:

But I had been paying the full rent as had been asked by my lady friend (and wasn’t sure of the true situation).

Have you paid for the buffalo and her mum's land yet?

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1 hour ago, Vacuum said:

So your "friend" kept the rental money for herself, instead of handing over the money to the house owner?

I didn't say she kept the rental money. That is a possibility though. 

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1 hour ago, steven100 said:

The truth is that your ' lady friend ' completely and deliberately lied to you to seek financial gain.

Seriously,  who knows what's been altered  ??????


I believe the best course of action is gather all your receipts, contract copies and any other doc's related to the rental and/or payment.  ( I just read where you handed them over to liaison )

Do you have copies /


Anyway,   Cost of getting a Lawyer vs missing rent ......    A lawyer may cost 100,000 baht,  is it worth it ???


Next move :  I suggest you get the hell outta there and dissappear quitely into the night. Go home, go to a hotel, go anywhere but there.


It all sounds to complicated for most to evaluate or offer a solution ..... 



Thanks for comments

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1 hour ago, steven100 said:

OP .....  did you ever watch mission impossible  !

Long long time ago

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