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Rock crystal salt grinder

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Does anyone know where I can buy a rock crystal salt grinder ?    I live about 50km south of Khon Kaen.

Not a grinder for table use but to make ground salt for own use and a small number of customers.

Have looked online but can only find for table use.


Used to buy ready ground 10kg at a time in 200gram bags but this is now sold as bottled crystals and more expensive.


Have tried a mortar and pestle.

I have tried using the grinder that came with my blender, it was fine for coffee and various other dried beans, obviously cannot use with peanuts.

Tried with rock salt, black and pink, not only did it become rapidly like powder but it got into the blender itself.

I know its possible to use a table clamped meat mincer but would prefer an electric grinder.


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