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BANGKOK 19 August 2019 20:57
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Legacy Fading?

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My first Big Book had a story from a woman who must have started AA in Texas. I don't see her contribution in the latest version;


Personal Stories, They Stopped in Time, 11. A Flower of the South

But in one of those random book openings I found this part:

"I wish I could tell you all that AA has done for me, all that I think and feel about AA, but it's something that I have experienced and have never been able to put into words...

...It has changed not simply one department of my life - it has changed my whole life. It has been a fellowship of God and man that has held good wherever I've turned and whatever I've done. It is a way of life that pays as it goes, every step of the way, in compensations that have been wonderfully rich and rewarding. It has made life a thousand times easier than did endless compromises and conflicts by which I lived before. It pays daily in more harmonious relations with my fellow men, in ever clearer insight into the true meaning of life, and in the answering love and gratitude wherever and whenever I have been the instrument of God's will in the lives of others..."

It just hit me and I thought it was worth passing along to others like me. Shouldn't be lost to worn, old Big Books, maybe.

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