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Jealous Thai man hammers pregnant step-daughter to death to get back at his wife


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Jealous Thai man hammers pregnant step-daughter to death to get back at his wife



Caption: Murdered to get back at the wife


A jealous Thai man is being hunted after using a hammer to murder his stepdaughter in Bangkok. 


Kannayao police found 29 year old Nanthachaya "Noon" Janmokha with her head bashed in in a second floor bedroom of a three story town house in Ram Inthra Soi 109. 


She was seven months pregnant. The unborn child died too.



Caption INN: Murdered 7 month pregnant daughter


A bloodstained hammer was found near the body. 


Thanawat, 29, the husband of the deceased gave evidence to the police at the scene. He said that the man responsible was Phoomjai, 57, a motorcycle taxi rider in the soi known as "Jai". 


Thanawat - a salon owner in business with Pim, the mother of the victim - said that Jai and Pim were a couple. They had had a big argument. Jai was jealous that Pim spent time talking to an uncle of the victim. 



Picture: INN


Pim got so fed up with his jealousy that she left him and went to relatives outside Bangkok in Amnat Charoen, reported Sanook. 


Jai called her up and said if she didn't come back to him he would kill her daughter to teach her a lesson. 




Picture: INN


He then carried out that threat mercilessly hammering the pregnant stepdaughter to death.


INN reported that the hunt for Jai is now on.


Sources: Sanook | INN




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Crimes against women on the rise, life is so short, why some people can't just relax and take it easy ?

i am against the death penalty, but i don't see many chances to redeem such a savage.

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4 hours ago, Vacuum said:

In this case, I think it's because of a sickness called jealousy.

Reading Thai news in the last year, it seem there are much case like this that they could build a separate  prison on an island for them . Just send food and supply every month. Have armed patrol boats to shoot on sight if there is any escape attempts or or stop other boat approaching the restricted area. As for acting like that out of jealousy , do not forget that the little boy is a <removed> here. He make a tantrum when he loose his toy and adult he  use a knife, gun or hammer if he loose his girlfriend. No remorse !

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3 hours ago, Phuketshrew said:

So Pim had time to warn her daughter or get her away from the scumbag after he had phoned her death threats but didn't act?

And continued to chat up the uncle. 

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