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BANGKOK 23 May 2019 02:11

Volunteers launch massive beach clean up on Mat Sum Island

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31 minutes ago, Sir Dude said:

Whilst the intentions of the volunteers are to be commended, the fact that this sort of thing is becoming fashionable/frequent should be an embarrassment to the locals that they can't be arsed to sort it out. 

I think th intentions are questionable as it is the disposal of garbage that is the crux of the matter......I'm sure their efforts will make the beaches look better for a couple of days but it really isn't addressing the real problem

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Volunteers launch massive beach clean up on Mat Sum Island
Samui VIP Speed Boat has took part in a huge clean up of the beach at Mat Sum Island off Koh Samui last Friday.
After storms battered Koh Samui in January, the local authority on the island had made a concerted effort to clean up the beaches on the island popular with tourists.
However, the beaches on the Mat Sum Island had been forgotten with trash and debris from the storm washed up on the shoreline.
Luckily, the guys from Samui VIP Speed Boat stepped in to clean up the island.
They published the request for help from volunteers to join forces and go out for the day to clean the beach.
Offering their luxury speed boats, cold drinks, tools and plastic garbage bags,
all volunteers gathered together and cruised down there from BangKao pier.
About 40 people, locals, foreigners and residents of Samui did a great job and collected massive amounts of trash keeping the beach in much better shape.
After a couple of hours cleaning, the group had some great time cruising around, enjoying the amazing views and relaxing on Matsum Island before heading back to Samui.
It was great to see the local community working together to make things better.  
Following on from the success of the last beach clean up, the Samui VIP Speed Boat plan a second beach clean up day in the near future. To keep updated about that event and other events in the future, follow Samui VIP Speed Boat on Facebook.
-- Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-12
Work permts ?

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