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BANGKOK 25 April 2019 03:24
Thaivisa Web Content Team

Plane passengers baffled as 'UFO splits into six pieces and vanishes in mid-air'

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This is the stunning moment a mysterious ‘aircraft’ splits into six pieces and vanishes in full view of a shocked passenger aboard a nearby plane.


Lucas Kim was jetting to Thailand from his home in Seoul, South Korea, when he spotted what he thought was another flight from his window.


“At first I thought it was maybe another plane,” he said. “I thought it was rare to see another plane flying next to your own.


“So I took out my phone, a Huawei P9 Lite, and recorded it.”


What happened then convinced Mr Kim he’d seen something genuinely abnormal.


“When I looked closely, it was not a plane, it was six individual vehicles,” he said. “It was like a pulsating greenish-yellowish light.”


In Lucas’ video, the UFO is first visible as a distant, white dot beyond the wing of his Jeju Air flight.


But as he zooms in, it quickly becomes apparent that there are several points of light, moving in formation like no regular aircraft can.


Moments later they split into pairs and disappear from view.


“That was the only time I have seen something like this,” said Mr Kim.


Some viewers have told Lucas that they think the mysterious presence is best explained by reflected light from his own plane’s wing – yet they’ve not convinced him.


“You can believe anything you want, but I truly think I encountered a UFO,” he said.


“The word UFO does not mean it’s 100% alien, it simply means flying objects that we don’t recognize. It might also be some crazy Russian spy plane.”


Still, Lucas is open to the idea of extra-terrestrial life.



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