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BANGKOK 21 May 2019 21:33


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20 minutes ago, Joe Mcseismic said:

They do it deliberately to try and make you come off. It's fun for them. Seeing this crap for a number of years now.

Locked in castle Mcseismic with the draw-bridge pulled up.

me too, guard dogs at the ready, locking and loading on the machine gun towers. 

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4 minutes ago, samsensam said:


hummm yes and no, i think you'll find the 'fun' you refer to is primarily 'enjoyed' by local children, teenagers and, if you look closely, the majority of adults involved are the low class and low educated. my thai friends are all middle class professionals and all, without exception, despair at what has happened to their once respectful and peaceful tradition.

Which of my words did you particularly have problems with - fun, enjoy, traditional?

I didn't specify, nor classify, festival participants in class categories, that's something you decided to do. Are your friends only those who meet your standards of middle class professional?

If you want to despair at what you consider the degradation of tradition,  try a stand alone opinion piece, don't misquote me.

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10 minutes ago, Badrabbit said:

Exactly, anyone who thinks its fun to throw a bucket of water into the face of a person passing on a motorbike is a person without any intelligence, Songkran has been altered purely to suit tourists!!


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Have you expreienced Songkran in a non-tourist area? I have, and I hate to inform you that it is no different to the tourist areas

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