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Canadian tourist dies after falling from zipline in Chiang Mai

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Canadian tourist dies after falling from zipline in Chiang Mai



Image: Manager


A Canadian fell to his death while on zip line in Chiang Mai on Saturday.


Officials said the 25 year old was riding a zipline at Flight of the Gibbon in Mae Kampong when his safety harness broke causing him to plummet 50 metres to the ground below. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


The weight limit for anyone using the zipline is 125 kilograms.


Manager and Thai PBS reported the man weighed between 180 and 200 kilograms, while other outlets said the deceased man weighed 125 kilograms.  


It was reported the zipline operators have been charged with gross negligence resulting in death.


A full investigation is underway into the man’s death, who was visiting Thailand on holiday with his wife.


Flight of the Gibbon was investigated in 2017 over claims it had encroached protected forests.


Depending on the results of the investigation, Flight of the Gibbon faces being shut down indefinitely, officials said.


In its report Thai PBS highlighted other accidents and fatalities involving foreign tourists at zipline attractions in Chiang Mai.


In 2015, two Chinese tourists were killed in separate incidents at two other ziplines in the area.


In 2016, a Chinese tourists suffered serious injuries while riding the Flying Squirrel zipline.


Also in 2016, three Israeli tourists were injured after fall at the Flight of the Gibbon.


In 2015, remarkable footage shared by the Daily Mail went viral after showing an American tourist who was left hanging onto a friend after an employee forget to connect a carabiner on a 400m zipline in Chiang Mai.






-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-14

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