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BANGKOK 25 April 2019 22:44

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6 hours ago, LukKrueng said:

All the documents you mentioned are proof that you have paid for the construction of the house, but none is an actual title deed for the house, nothing to show you actually own it.

That you got permission to build the house drawn for you, and that you contracted the construction and paid for it, is the proof of your ownership of a new house. You cannot gobtain a title deed. When resold separated from the land, the Land Office can register the next owner, but not the first.



In case of an existing building registration of a right of superficies will not be approved by the Land Department. Registration could be allowed after transfer of ownership of the structure separate from the land and after transfer fees and taxes have been paid (unless the person granted the right of superficies can proof he is already the owner of the house).


You can furthermore use a superficies – if you read the "SamuiForSale"-link I placed in the original post, from which above quote also originates – as proof for a permission to make a construction that you own, on a land that you do not own.


However, you do not need a superficies to build a house, but you do need a declaration from the land-owner, giving you the right to build a house on the owner's land, to obtain a bulding construction permission in your name.

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On 4/14/2019 at 7:38 PM, Pravda said:


Wow. That's news to me.


It looks like Thailand is opening up. Good news for Farang in Isaan.

He typed in 'own" by mistake instead of "paid for"......  🍺

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