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BANGKOK 23 April 2019 15:45

Dental Care : Thailand vs. Philippines

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Just curious if anyone has had the experience of going to Dentists in Thailand AND Philippines.....and if so, which of the 2 countries would you choose for "basic" care (general cleaning / scaling, fillings etc..).


Cost (to me) is NOT as important as other factors, like : hygiene, knowledge, latest technology, and service.


Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. For the record, I have used BIDC and Bumrungrad (in BKK) for past dental care but I'll be in both countries in the coming months (Manila) so I am a bit conflicted on where to see a Dentist. (Chipped tooth, change filling from amalgam to the white composite material, cleaning)


Thank you in advance!

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I have used in both countries but not for many years.  Suspect good care is available in both - with Philippines likely much, much cheaper.  Any larger facility should have hygiene, knowledge and facilities.  Larger, at least in Thailand (did not use large office in Philippines so can not comment), equals specialization so much experience/expert doing procedure.  

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