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BANGKOK 24 May 2019 20:47

Jomtien beach vendors SLAMMED online! “There are no tourists because of you!”

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Jomtien beach vendors SLAMMED online! “There are no tourists because of you!”



Picture: Sophon


Several posts slamming a Jomtien beach operator appeared on Thai social media. 


Kitcha Thommawong said they had hired a kind of circular banana boat ride but got only 5 minutes for 600 baht. 


They pulled no punches in slamming the operator saying: "There are no tourists because of you bast@@ds". 


We Love Pattaya weighed in with their own assessment quoting a Thai expression that the fun was over before "the smell of the broken wind had had time to dissipate". 



Picture: Sophon


Sophon sent their reporters to the area outside The Pat hotel at Jomtien to investigate. 


The operator of the ride was nowhere to be seen - the local authorities had come and rounded them up. 


But a deckchair vendor said it was all untrue. Wallop Ekwong, 44, said there were eight tourists - four children and four adults. 


The adults had asked the price and how long their children would get on the ride. They were told they would get 10 to 15 minutes on a trip out to some floats and back. The circular flotation device would be dragged out by a speedboat.


The tourists agreed, said Wallop. Seeing as the riders on the flotation device were just children it was not intense but they got over ten minutes as agreed. 


There was no trouble at the time and he was as surprised as anyone when the negative posts appeared online as it was not deserved. 


Source: Sophon Cable




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