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BANGKOK 19 April 2019 13:18

New rash of forest fires in the North likely to be arson, Army says

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20 hours ago, DonDoRondo said:

To anybody up on this issue of set fires - are these all mushroom seeker / rice farmers?  Or is this 

a political protest?  <deleted>?




They burn to encourage wild mushrooms to grow. They are worth a lot to the pickers.. The sale of such mushrooms should be banned. They are sold abroad too so involve bigger business. 

There is a burning ban on but makes little difference.

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2 hours ago, unamazedloso said:

Yep its farmers and people that like to call themselves farmers by farming land they dont own. Theres no real law enforcement and governments dont care solong as poor people arent an issue to then personally and they keep making profits off sugarcane, corn and rice given the reason fires arent actually controlled at all.

Governements are to blame 100%. The people lighting fires are just your typical alcoholic, drug addict, brainwashed ignorant wana be farmers that like to feel the world owes them the ability to destroy the earth and its inhabitants so they can get a couple hundred baht from selling their spoils in markets.

I dont feel sorry for them and have chased many out of the jungle behind my house at gunpoint and put fires out myself. Ive supplied video evidence to police and still the people doing it near me are living illegally and all have normal jobs as well so not poor but its always the excuse of being poor and simple, etc... and police walk away and thankfully walk away from me doing what i shouldnt do to get rid of these idiots but theres only so much a compasionate sympathetic person can take. These pricks are killing everyone and everything and blame lies soley with the government.

Makes it hard to be a law abiding tourist when there isnt one law abbiding citizen.

I have to fight fires every year by myself to protect my house. Fire trucks Wont come! Thats pretty bad for the countries image.

And there's the truth !!

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