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Jeez its 38 here in the Rai right now

Moving up to 40 degrees on wed !

I start to get a-bit hot under the collar with anything over 25

I tend to snap very easily

Oh well, i signed up for this !

It feels like I’ve got a short fuse these days !

The air quality isn’t helping much either



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I Have been getting more snappy this year over trivial things.  Slipper stuck to a sweaty foot, DAMN and Blast !

Spell a word wrong posting on her , Oh botheration !  Hope I don't progress to the language my MIL use to use 

' Oh dashy do-doos '.

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The pool and air-conditioning is my answer. That said it's the long Songkran in Pattaya forcing me to hunker down that has me a little snappy. At least I know it will be safe to venture out on the 20th. The heat will be with us for quite some time.

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On 4/15/2019 at 7:25 AM, Puchaiyank said:

I have found that air conditioning really works foe me...try it!...🤔  

When in Thailand and Cambodia during the hottest time of the year, I see the western tourists and backpackers come out of their air conditioned hotels and they get smacked with the heat when they step outside. 

   I totally avoid A/C and never turn it on in my apartments. I use only a fan. In less than four weeks in Thailand or Cambodia I have acclimated to the hot climate and although still feeling the heat...I no longer suffer with it, and my sweating slows to normal. 

     Actually find A/C to be very uncomfortable at that point. 

   Each to their own. But in my opinion, acclimatizing is the way to go. Allowing your body to adapt to the climate, instead of artificially trying to fight it. You will never win the fight if you use A/C. 

     While western tourists and backpackers step into the street suffering and soaked in sweat and mopping their brows, I’m standing there feeling the heat...but comfortable with it. 

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