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BANGKOK 23 April 2019 14:41

Private hospitals overcharging: 30-300 percent

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Yes, I was trying to get two (out of a recommended course of three) outpatient appointments arranged in Bangkok as more convenient. Though I was happy they got back, I was quoted 84k baht/visit for the drug alone, I understand, for comparison, the Hospital in the UK will likely be getting the same Drug for approx <30k baht/visit. 


Do they get massive tax on imported drugs🤨?


P.s. The absolute stopper was being unable to arrange medical complication insurance, "not resident of Thailand, can't get cover" (Within a different response, than those who quoted the drug price).








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2 hours ago, MrMuddle said:

The Hospital I used to use, St Louis, Bangkok, started to have separate billing for Thais and foreigners. The foreigners prices for everything, went through the roof. How on earth do they get away with it ?


easy to get away with it, some countries have laws to prevent discrimination on grounds of race, disability, gender, etc. i'm no expert but it appears thailand does not, and even if it did it's questionable whether such laws would be effectively enforced by the authorities.


i suggest medical insurance, let the insurance companies sort it out.

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