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BANGKOK 19 April 2019 14:07

Americans, frequent visitors to Notre-Dame, begin fundraising efforts

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It's amazing to me that the majority of the posts on funding are so negative. The world has lost an 850 year old cultural treasure. It's my understanding that the building itself is actually owned by the French Government not the Catholic Church and that the Catholic Church uses the building. Whatever the arrangements are the building had survived much over the centuries and is irreplaceable for it's beauty and architecture. It is/was a magnificent structure.  Whatever views one may have of the Catholic Church or French Government there is nothing wrong with getting one with beginning the organization to fund rebuilding. Surely both the church and the government will be allocating funds in helping to rebuild. I'm proud that some Americans may lead in the effort.  Hopefully organization for funding will be well organized and transparent. If one looks around wherever they live they will see that most likely there will be no structure that will be around 8 centuries from now. Preserving the surviving structures of past eras is all we have in this consumer world we live in today.  

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23 hours ago, webfact said:

I think the challenge will be whether or not people who give the money agree with those who are doing the rebuilding about how the cathedral should be rebuilt," said Lisa Bitel, a professor of religion and history at the University of Southern California.


"This is a national monument in France and they will not spare money to rebuild," Bitel said. "I don't think the Americans will get much of a say in how to do it."

Why would they? 


Odd to suggest any Americans donating would expect a say in how it is rebuilt. 

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