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BANGKOK 22 May 2019 10:35

Belgian pensioner viciously murdered in Rayong - Thai cook in custody

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Belgian pensioner viciously murdered in Rayong - Thai cook in custody



Caption: The case has hidden clues


A 67 year old Belgian man has been found murdered in bed in Nern Phra sub-district of Muang district, Rayong.


Named only as "Gay" he was found face down on the bed in his bedroom on Sunday. When turned over forensics found his left eye had been attacked and was almost detached from the socket. 


There was severe bruising in the area around the left eye and there was blood coming from the victim's mouth.


There was blood everywhere on the bed and floor. 


Suspicion has fallen on a former monk who befriended the deceased's wife on Facebook and who she invited to become a cook in their house to look after her husband. 


Udomchoke, 51, denies the attack but has been charged with assault causing death. 


Police forensic teams found a grisly scene at the house after they were called by the son-in-law called Chaiwat, 27.


The victim was said to be dead at 7 am but the cops were only contacted at 3 pm in the afternoon, reported Sanook. 


The wife of the victim Yuwadee, 57, told investigators that she met Udomchoke on Facebook while he was a monk at a temple in Chacherngsao. 


When he left the monkhood she invited him to become a cook at their house and look after her husband who was in and out of hospital with health problems.


She claimed that on Sunday she heard noises of an argument coming from the bedroom of her husband but didn't dare go in. Only when her daughter and son-in-law returned home was the body of her husband found dead. By that time it was the afternoon.


Police are suspicious of the wife's evidence. At the time of the murder there were three people in the house - Yuwadeee and her mother and Udomchoke, the cook. Police want to know why it was eight hours until the alarm was raised.


Neighbors told Sanook that the family lived in harmony - until the cook arrived to stay with them.


Udomchoke has been charged but denies involvement. 


Pol Col Banphot Koot-Ua said that blood and fingerprint evidence at the scene was sufficient to proceed with the case. 


Investigations continue. 


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-16
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A couple of troll/derogatory posts have been removed also replies

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3 hours ago, worgeordie said:

I suspect she knew exactly what was happening and that is why she did not go in the room.

why could she not cook and look after the husband herself,and met the "cook" on Facebook,

maybe she was after more than a cook. RIP Belgium guy.

regards Worgeordie

You suspect! Right, seen all the evidence.have we, I  a dream no doubt

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2 hours ago, Xaos said:

Monk oops they did it again

Clearly, the wife is in cahoot with the cook

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