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BANGKOK 19 April 2019 13:32

Young woman with HFA High-Functioning Autism, early 20s, looking for friends of similar age and diagnosis, to hang out with

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Moderators, I guess this could go in the health forum as well?

Mum writing here. Are you the parent of or a young adult with HFA (high-functioning autism)?

My daughter is in her early 20s, diagnosed at age 2 with classic autism, now fairly high-functioning, graduated with honours in her area of study (media and communications). Looking for other Third Culture Kids with autistic spectrum disorder to hang out with, go to music events together, some sports, gym. Been meaning to get back into Muay Thai as a hobby. Dealing with challenges in Executive Function, anxiety, depression, aggression with functional medicine. Fun, quirky, sweet, kind, naive, tendency to be misled.

If this isn't you but sounds like someone you know, please could you direct them to us. PM me.

Thanks in advance. 🙏


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