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BANGKOK 19 April 2019 14:06

Moving to Canada with Thai family

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I’ve been searching for a couple weeks about the process is for bringing my Thai wife and son back to Canada but I keep finding conflicting answers. 


Our marriage was registered in 2016 in Thailand. My son already has Thai/Canadian citizenship.


My wife is 42. She was married before to a wealthy Thai guy but the marriage ended due to abuse/cheating. She doesn’t really have any money saved. Around 300,000baht. But she doesn’t really have any work experience due to her ex being quite wealthy. 


Does anyone have any current information on which steps to allow us to move to Canada? 



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7 minutes ago, UASCB500BIKER said:

Too Dam  cold she will Hate IT  !!!!

You'd be surprised how tolerant they are of cold. Think how many of them work in South Korea, and that's frikkin cold in the winter!

Canada is a big place, so the winters are highly variable. 

If he's moving to Vancouver for example, that's pretty mild.

Now we live in Western South Dakota, which isn't as harsh as the eastern prairie part of the State, and my wife loves the snow.

Then again she grew up as a teenager in Chicago, so I guess her calibration is a bit different!  

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