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Talking of Big C, I was in there today and the cashier wanted my passport number to give me a discount. I couldn't work out why she needed that, why she'd already scanned my Big C card. I gave her my pink Thai ID card number instead.
It wasn't until I got home I realised that I didn't get the discount.
I called the Big C call centre to ask about it. They said they needed ID in order to give me back some of the money I'd already spent with them. Apparently some customers have been using other customer's Big C cards?
The very helpful girl at the call centre spoke excellent English and asked for my ID so they could update my details. I gave her my Thai ID again.
She called back later and said the ID number kept being rejected for some reason (checksum failure?), so checked it with me again. I had given her the correct number.
She asked if I could email them a copy of my Thai ID, passport, and Big C card. I said I decided it wasn't such a good idea for a company to request so much personal information, especially as I was a customer spending my money in their store, and they didn't need all this information.
Ended up that they'll keep an old passport number (I gave them years ago when I applied for the Big C card) on file and to use that number.
There seems to be so many companies wanting too much personal information in order to buy their products.

Just go to update your name and ID number with the pink card at BigC customer service. No need for old passport. When your data is changed on membership card you will get a sms confirmation.

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